Free Services

Free Services

We train parents to advocate for their child’s educational success, defend their student’s rights, uplift them with emotional support, and find helpful resources about the K-12 public school system.

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We train you to:

  • Identify violations of your child’s rights.
  • Pursue Individual Education Plans and 504 disability accommodation plans
  • Gather, request, and organize documents to appeal student corrective measures.
  • Obtain interviews of staff witnesses, gather crucial documents, view video evidence, and determine if you need to appeal corrective action––including suspension or expulsion.
  • Replace counterproductive measures, such as suspension or expulsion, with Restorative Justice or Alternative Corrective Action.
  • Secure services if your child could benefit from academic, social, or emotional assistance.
  • Keep a record of your concerns and requests to hold schools accountable
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We empower with you:

  • A strategy to resolve violations and facilitate corrective measures.
  • Defensive action––filing civil complaints and pursuing legal action.
  • Resources to help your child succeed in the K-12 public school system.
  • Uplifting emotional support throughout your child’s journey.
  • A list of great legal aid specialists and attorneys to settle disputes over your child’s rights.

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