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We provide free educational advocacy services for students K-12 in Kalamazoo, Michigan and surrounding areas. We focus on youth in special education and foster care. We assist youth that are homeless and families with special needs.

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We train you to identify violations of your child’s rights, replace counterproductive measures (such as suspension or expulsion) with Restorative Justice or Alternative Corrective Action, and pursue academic, social, or emotional assistance.


We empower you with a strategy to resolve violations and facilitate corrective measures, defensive action (such as filing civil complaints and pursuing legal action), and resources to help your child succeed in the K-12 public school system.


Saving Lives & Building Families Since 1990

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What We Do

  • Identify violations of your child’s rights.
  • Pursue Individual Education Plans and 504 disability accommodation plans
  • Gather, request, and organize documents to appeal student corrective measures.
  • Obtain interviews of staff witnesses, gather crucial documents, view video evidence, and determine if you need to appeal corrective action––including suspension or expulsion.


Our Mission

We fight for equal educational opportunity and equal rights for underserved, school-aged students while empowering parents to advocate for their children.

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